Pros and Cons

I have almost finished the list which will be uploaded soon. The list of Pros and Cons. Now it’s time for back to school. I need as an intern to do night school.

First I was afraid it would be in Spanish only, but luckily it’s in English and their English is pretty good. I get teaching from several international operating doctors. They teach us the basics and go into more detail when questions from the students occur. Which is nice, it’s to see for the teachers how the students react and if they are interested in learning more about it.

It’s nice but also exhausting and I’ll write this short post only. Next will be the big one.

What A Beautiful City

It’s magnificent. Sorry I promised to write about the pros and cons. But in all honesty it’s very difficult to get my focus. What a city and what a life. It’s amazing here, the people are very friendly. Unbelievable friendly and they work very hard. Much harder then I expected.

Slowly I’m learning their culture, and losing all the pre-concepts I had about them. Which is good, because those are only stories I heard from people who hardly know anything about Spain in general. If they had a good experience, positive, if they had a negative experience then they immediately want to burn this country to the ground. People are weird.

But back to this beautiful country. I have never experienced anything like this before. It’s so lively. The people, I cannot speak good enough about them. I have been treated like a guest, like family even. Invited to their homes, eat at their dinner table and finishing their wine bottles.

It sounds like a fairy tale, and so far it truly is. I know I need to focus, but something tells me this is a good learning school for me as well. Learning to know the people, the culture. And getting to know more about their experiences with the medical world they encountered.

It Starts

The adventure is about to start. Yesterday I had a great time with my new two friends. Unfortunately the Paella was a bit strange. I don’t generally like seafood but hey a first thing for everything.

It was interesting to hear their stories about the medical experiences they had. Both already had basic and more advanced experiences with it. From just having a cold to really needing surgery. They have visited more hospitals all across Spain.

The best ones were in Barcelona, and some of the cleanest ones were in St. Tropez (of course) and even, to my surprise, in Loret de Mar. That is considered the party place of Spain.

Many youngsters from the north of Europe, actually all over Europe, are heading towards there during or just after finishing their school. A lot of 15 and 16 years, barely legal to drink but already partying like it’s 1999. Next post I will do a Pros and Cons list of what I heard so far.

Becoming A Matador

No, I will never become a matador. What they do to the animals, horrible. I’ve moved to Spain for at least two years, that was my promise in order to get this medical position. Housing was taken care off. Finding a great health insurance is a complete different story. As an expat, you have to apply for different types of insurances. But many reviews later I found one, and I was ready to go.

Most of the arrangements were done by the company. Having exactly 4 weeks before starting my intern and then 2 months trial process.

Tonight I’m meeting two locals who I found via an app called Meetup. They will take me out to dinner, my first time Paella. I’m curious but happy to try. I also want to ask them about their experience with the medical world.

Sorry, I’ve moved to Barcelona (of course).